Fiona Morrison, CBTT owns All 4Paws Dog Training, Walking and Sitting in Dublin, Ireland. Fiona has several years of experience in handling and training dogs from all ages, breeds and temperaments. Through her 4 years of work as a volunteer with a rescue centre, Fiona gained extensive experience with rescue dogs that were traumatized and suffering with fear, separation anxiety, aggression and other issues. During this time, Fiona became so fascinated with canine behaviour that she began pursuing a new career. She became a Certified Professional Dog Trainer in early 2012 (Fetac level 6) and a professional Canine Behaviour and Training Technician in 2013 (OCN Level 4). She is also a certified Canine First Responder and a Member of the Pet Professional Guild.

Working with dogs means ongoing education.

Being able to learn alongside leaders in the pet industry ensures Fiona that her knowledge is up to date in the modern science of canine behaviour. Visiting workshops, seminars and being part of the pet professional community has also become a big part of her life.

Fiona currently spends the majority of her time working with pet owners and their pets and has a special fondness for reactive and anxious dogs. When she is not working, she enjoys nothing more than walking, training and hanging out with her own two best companions Mozart and Blue.



As a member of force free dog training and pet care professionals, Fiona is committed to advocating for dogs and only uses force free training and pet care methods. Her primary goal is to improve and enhance the dog-human relationship, that will keep dogs happily in their homes and out of shelters. Fiona also believes that force is unnecessary and counter-productive in training any animal and by synthesizing her personal beliefs, knowledge, standard of professionalism and her genuine passion for dogs she aims to share this with pet owner’s so they too can learn how much more effective and joyful a force free lifestyle can be with their pets.


Professional Qualifications

  • Canine Obedience & Training (Fetac level 6 distinction)with Dog Training, Ireland  Jan – April. 2012
  • Canine Behaviour and Training Technician (OCN Level 4) with Anied, Ireland  Oct. 2012 – Oct. 2013
  • Certified Canine first responder MJ First Aid.  June 2015


  • TRICK, Training for Dogs, presented by Nando Brown from In The Doghouse DTC, 5th Oct. 2013, Dublin
  • BAT, Training for fear frustration and aggression, presented by Grisha Stewart MA, CPDT-KA, 15th & 16th Jun. 2013, Dublin

CBTT Code of Practise

Canine behaviour and Training Technicians will practice to promote welfare friendly interactions with all animals. A qualified CBTT will provide services that nurture the human-canine relationship and promote professionalism, respect and knowledge within the canine training and behaviour industries.