Dog Training

Every Dog deserves to be understood!

Here at All 4Paws we recognize that every dog is unique and that dog training programs need to be developed around the needs of the dog and the owner.

We cover a selection of topics in our private in-home training programs, which can be personally put together to suit you and your dog.

 The foundations of a healthy and enjoyable dog-human relationship are:
  • Building up trust
  • Clear communication
  • Understanding that each dog is an individual
  • Respecting the limits of each dog
  • Training our observation skills

Our training programs are developed to help you and your dog, effectively communicate through proven dog and puppy training techniques based on repetition, consistency and reward.

We do not use any harsh training methods or equipment, as this is also proven to be ineffective and unsafe.

Training Topics can include:

  • Walking nicely on the lead
  • Coming back when called (Recall)
  • Basic obedience – Sit, Down, Stay, Leave it, drop it
  • Polite greetings – Learning not to jump on people
  • Learning how to settle and relax
  • Self control exercises
  • Toilet/Crate training
  • Focus and paying attention to owner
  • Clicker training/Tricks training
  • How to prevent resource guarding/Managing a multi dog household

You will also learn how to:

  • Progress with exercises and work around distractions.
  • keep your dog mentally stimulated with simple daily enrichment protocols.