Dog Walking

Are you:
  • Having trouble fitting your dog’s walks into your busy schedule.
  • Concerned that your dog is not getting enough regular exercise.
  • Feeling guilty about your dogs training progression.

No bones about it, every dog needs daily exercise and training. Whether it’s your older dog that needs gentle exercise or a more energetic pup that craves a walk in the park, our dog walking service can be personalized to meet the needs of your pet.  Your dog will enjoy lots of physical exercise and exclusive one to one attention,  fun training games, scent games and lots of surprises after each walk .

All our daily walks include:
  • Confirmation on Arrival/Departure
  • Natural Training Treats
  • Poop bags
  • Fresh water
  • Pictures of your dog’s daily adventures
  • Calm and relaxing enrichment after walks
  • Wash and Towel dry (If necessary)



With us, your dog will receive ongoing training and learn how to:
  • Be calm before walks
  • Walk politely through doors
  • Walk politely on leash
  • Be polite with toys and around food
  • Come back when called – Recall
  • Sit, Down, Stay/Wait

And, you will receive weekly updates on your dogs Training progression.